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Have Publishing Questions?

On Sunday, I’ll be interviewing Jackie Lea Sommers (Truest, 2015) about the time period between agent contract and submitting the second book to publishers. Do you have any questions you’d like me to ask? Comment below, tweet me @LaraEdits, or email lara @

The interview will be posted on YouTube and here on the blog on Wednesday at 9pm EDT.

If you have additional questions, you’ll be able to ask them in the comments of next week’s post or on the YouTube video—both will be open to the public.

The Writer Reveille is a Newsletter to Wake Up Your Writing

The Writer Reveille Weekly Newsletter

Lesson 1 of the Cadet Course begins one week from today! You can get free access to the course by signing up for the Writer Reveille newsletter.

What’s the Writer Reveille?

A bugle call to wake up your writing.

A weekly newsletter with four subsections:

  • For Recruits—A short writing prompt to add some thunder to your brainstorming.
  • For Boots—Notes or links to motivate you as you are #amwriting your WIP.
  • For Rangers—Notes or links to offer some guidance as you revise.
  • For Cadets—Notes or links to give you insight into pitching or publishing your story.

To get this weekly digest for storytellers, sign up hereInclude your birthday month, and you’ll also be entered into a monthly giveaway drawing.

Survey Entry to Win Free Writing Workshop Tuition

Help shape future workshops, win free tuition!

If you enroll in the inaugural Cadet Course starting June 8, you’ll get 50% off any other StoryCadet workshop. This incentive is only available for the first Cadet Course, so don’t miss it!

Not quite ready for the pitching workshop in June? Read on.

I’ve updated the Boot and Ranger Courses with some of the customization options you’ll have to choose from.

For example, with the Cadet Course, you’ve got these options:

  • Lesson 8—Free to the public
  • Query Edit Only—$35
  • Lesson 5 plus a written query critique—$69
  • Full package (all 8 lessons and 2 query edits)—$240 $199 before June 1, $209 after May 31 (50% off if you refer a friend)

With the drafting workshop (Boot Course), you’ll have these options:

  • The full workshop with workbook, group critiques, and a consultation from Lara
  • The story structure workbook only (PDF)
  • Just the consultation with Lara

With the revision workshop (Ranger Course), you’ll have these options:

  • The full workshop with workbook, group critiques, and a line edit from Lara
  • The revision workbook only (PDF)
  • A 5-page line edit from Lara
  • A 10-page line edit from Lara

Now, I know how much I’d usually charge for all of these options, but I also want to get feedback from you, like:

  • How much would you budget for a workshop like one of these?
  • What do you think is a fair price for the workbook (which is basically everything you’d get from the workshop, but without the instructor and class feedback or accountability from the workshop)?
  • When do you want these workshops to happen?

So I’ve created a survey to gather answers from prospective participants.

I’ll choose one survey respondent per course to receive a whole workshop tuition-free.

Here’s the survey again. Tell your friends, too! The more interest I get, the more workshops I’ll offer, the greater your chance of winning.

Odds of winning depend on number of respondents per course. Winners will be chosen for the Boot and Ranger courses when dates and prices are set for the courses. Winners will be notified by email. The full workshop can be transferred to someone else but cannot be shared. A winner may not be chosen for the first Cadet Course—it depends on numbers of surveys received.