The Writer Reveille is a Newsletter to Wake Up Your Writing

The Writer Reveille Weekly Newsletter

Lesson 1 of the Cadet Course begins one week from today! You can get free access to the course by signing up for the Writer Reveille newsletter.

What’s the Writer Reveille?

A bugle call to wake up your writing.

A weekly newsletter with four subsections:

  • For Recruits—A short writing prompt to add some thunder to your brainstorming.
  • For Boots—Notes or links to motivate you as you are #amwriting your WIP.
  • For Rangers—Notes or links to offer some guidance as you revise.
  • For Cadets—Notes or links to give you insight into pitching or publishing your story.

To get this weekly digest for storytellers, sign up hereInclude your birthday month, and you’ll also be entered into a monthly giveaway drawing.


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